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Building a creative culture and defining values

December 20th, 2012

We have been working on our own internal process, language, branding, and documentation for a couple of months now, and have wrapped up our identity defining adventure (on this iteration).

We take a long look in the mirror every year and see what we can do to build a better team, and in turn, better products, and further in turn, have happier clients. We do after all, help our clients with their identity, so we like to run through our own process to make sure it is “tight” and the results are as good as we like to provide for our clients.

Here is a brief run down on what we have covered on this yearly introspective gaze.

Defining values to build value

Anyone into the business/entrepreneurship scene will have heard about the importance of defining values. From the Southwest Airlines model to Starbucks. These are the companies that prove “defining values” has a tonne of value. We too have that here, and have been strong proponents of sharing it with our clients. The new thing we did is present it all over our creative space. ITS Media Values

In every interaction we aim to exceed our client’s expectations. We try to provide the best product, at the best possible price, and ensure our clients are happy with it, and make the most of it possible. Eduction + Passion + Perfection = Value.

Show your colors

So, here we are, working away in our downtown Kelowna studio, building: websites, brands, banners, presentations, logos, business and business cards. We wanted our space to reflect the passion we have for our products. We now believe we have one of the funkier studio spaces in town, and get a lot of acclaim on it. We’ve shared our new space colors with our clients, followers and friends. You can also check it out on Facebook:

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Let us know what you think of our space down there in the comments section.

Happy team

We believe that a happy team is a productive team. There really is no point droning on about the theory here, I think everyone recognizes that if you give people room to grow, they will take the opportunity to do so. We give everyone the ability to solve problems in the way they are most comfortable, and we consider this time “professional development”. We have really grown technically and creatively as a company by giving everyone the ability to explore new technologies, processes, skills and talents.

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We would love to hear feedback from you, the internet audience. After all, it is you we are catering to.

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